www.pattibailey.us   Our US partner, Patti Bailey, owner of Remington Steele *++, and representative of Sambist, sadly both now deceased but available by frozen semen
www.arabianlines.com   The major website for Arab horses
www.arabiandreamfarm.com   Semen from the 16hh pure Crabbet, Magic Domino is available from the US.
www.brooke-hospital.org.uk   The charity supporting the welfare of donkeys and horses in the Middle East.
www.ffosfarmarabians.com   Crystal Sheen and some of her family are now with Louise Maryon in Wales.

Lesley Ann has painted some of Gadebrook's horses, including Blacklord Caesaro.
(click on 'Arabian Horses' on her homepage)

www.crabbet.org.uk   Information about horses bred from Crabbet, Old English and General Stud Book lines.
www.lyndalearabians.com   Sue Bryson's original Crabbet/Old English stud now in Texas, USA
www.ecahs.org   America's Crabbet Society features Magic Domino as "Horse of the Year"
www.crabbet.com   On-line "Crabbet Influence in Arabians Today" magazine
www.arabianhorse.co.uk   Seren Arabians' Crabbet breeding programme in Cumbria
pevenseyarabians.com   For Leon Bennett's Pevensey Stud in Australia, breeder of our mare Palma Benay
www.jtphotography.biz   Stunning photos of dressage horses, including Sunne in Silver
www.daledurfee.com   Equine photographer and Marwari horse enthusiast
www.thearabianmagazine.com   Britain's Arabian horse magazine
www.zayinarabianstud.co.uk   Paul Simmons' stud of Arab race horses
www.nsahs.org   The Norfolk & Suffolk regional Group of the AHS
www.users.globalnet.co.uk/~kyne   For Quo Arabians, friends with endurance horses
www.aroracing.co.uk   The Arabian Racing Organisation's site, with details of Flat race meetings throughout the country
www.holistichorsehelp.com   For more about the intelligent horsemanship approach that we use with our Arabs
www.waho.org   The World Arabian Horse Organisation represents all Arabian horse registries
www.arabitalia.com   The major Italian website dedicated to Arabian horses
www.binleystud.com   Leading Crabbet Arabian stud and breeder of our Binley Prince Salim
www.zobeyniarabians.co.uk   Breeding 100% Crabbet Arabians - home of Narishka, the Naseel and Naufal inheritance

Gadebrook's stud groom, Jackie Pringle's stunning photographs of local wildlife

www.wh-arabians.co.uk   Owners of AHS Premium stallion Chatanz and leading endurance producers
www.annekaarabians.com.au   To see Magic Prophecy, one of Australia's finest Crabbet stallions and grand sire of our Palma Benay
www.gvequine.com.au   Australian specialists collecting semen from Crabbet stallions Arfaja Rococo and Mill Park Blaidd for AI distribution from Gadebrook Stud
www.coolindapark.com.au   Our partners in Australia with Sambist semen for their Polish race mares


  Crabbet performance stud standing Gadebrook-bred Crystal Magic and Crabbet Champion Marbon Masadi pages on 'Spirit Arabians' website
www.freewebs.com/crabbetarabiangroupaus   Promoting the Preservation Breeding of Crabbet Arabian Horses in Australia
www.crabbet.com/breeders/Crabbet02_web2.mpg   For tiny movie clip of Prince Sadik, Binley Prince Salim's sire