WWOOFers - helpers from the world-wide organic farming programme
- and other volunteers
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Anne with helpers from France (Jean, left)
and Guillermo and Sebastian from Argentina in May 2016
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Below: most recent WWOOFers (and other volunteers) first ...
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Wonderful Debbie from New Zealand came back to Gadebrook again in April 2020 to help with foaling mares, endless fencing and innumerable games of canasta during the corona virus lock-down. Here, she is with our first baby of 2020, pure Crabbet filly Bright Moonlight (by Hadiya from Inshallah Signature), born on the night of the April super-moon two weeks previously.



Fortunately Mohammed was able to come back for two months in early 2020 as he knows the routine well and gets on so well with the horses. But life isn't easy in wet fields and high winds!



Chloe from France joined us for Christmas 2019 and the new year so was able to mix stud and farm duties with parties, festivites and Christmas shopping. Her English improved and she was able to help with our French language group in Oundle library - merci, Chloe!



Laura from Germany worked hard at the farm and helped so well with the horses in November 2019. Unfortunately she arrived with an infection in her jaw having previously had four teeth removed. Sadly she had to return early for dental treatment in Germany.



Guilherme from Brazil came for a long weekend in the summer 2019 and helped very efficiently with the work. However when he returned in October he had the most horrendus flu, stayed in bed for a week while I looked after him - then left in the middle of the night. What a let down!



Lovely Liliane from France really seemed to enjoy at Gadebrook and threw herself into work on the farm. We did lots of trips out together so she gained a wider appreciation of life in England than just 'poo' picking.



Lisa arrived from France to help with the horses for two months in June and July 2019 and soon made friends the mares at the stud, and also with yearling Crabbet colt Blade.



Mohammed from Egypt, with no previous experience of horses, learnt the routine and helped in March 2019. He was always cheerful and learnt to handle the mares very well. He also got on well with Mimi, my cousin's dog, who stayed with us while she was in New Zealand. We hope to see him back at Gadebrook.



Wonderful Debbie came back from New Zealand to Gadebrook yet again to take care of the stud while Anne was at the WAHO conference in Australia and New Zealand (how ironic!). She did a terrific job and also looked after the house and Ginger Biscuit the cat. A million thanks Debbie!



Crisiña from Spain joined us for the New year 2019 and helped willingly, despite an accidental kick from one of the young horses, which left quite a colourful mark on her leg!.



Annamaria from Hungary turned out to be a teenage friend of Peter Zlinszky who had WWOOFed at Gadebrook in 2010 – small world! Annamaria helped with the horses and fencing for 6 weeks in November & December 2018 – between Christmas decorating and games of canasta (most of which she won). She really liked historic Oundle and the surrounding countryside.



Julie on her promised return visit, this time from Paris, not Lyon, for a November 2018 long weekend, noted how much filly Sameera had grown; met friendly foal Blade, and gracious 11-year old endurance mare Azarina, who is now back at Gadebrook. Come back soon, Julie



Giorgia, on her short visit from Italy in autumn 2018, developed a great technique with the horses, including colt foal Blade and the three ‘boys’ Shaarif, Shiraaz and Hadiya. She also came with us to see the Soyuz space capsule in Peterborough Cathedral, and the vast parachute which brought the astronauts safely back to earth



Maureen came from France in September and helped with the AHS Marathon preparations between farm duties and crewing for Kaalif and Anja.



Anastassja from Italy stayed in August and we let her try her vet student skills and stethoscope on foal Blade. She was a godsend crewing for the horses at the Euston Park Endurance Festival and a big help when the farrier came to trim the horses' hooves.



Elodie came from France in July, helped train the new foal, Blade, rode our Endurance mare Azarina, played with Jackie's Shetland ponies, and went fruit picking at the local farm.



Marie from Germany joined us for May and June 2018, and spent many weekends crewing for our endurance horses. She was at Gadebrook for the birth of colt Blade and ejoyed many hours with him..



Marine from France stayed for 6 wet, muddy weeks in March and April 2018, but the weather never dampened her spirits. She cheerfully looked after the horses and cleaned the fields every day, and even beat us at canasta and Quiddler in the evenings. We took her visiting - to the Arabian horse exhibition in Newmarket, to Shadwell Stud, to West Kington AI operations - and to numerous coffee mornings. She now has a serious cappuccino habit.



What a lovely whoosh of Antipodean air arrived with Debbie from New Zealand. Nothing was too much trouble at the farm or in the garden, and she now has us addicted to the Quiddler word-card game she brought. I really hope she can come back.



Claudia from Italy fortunately liked cleaning - the fields, the tack room, the house, the garage…. She was lovely company, always happy and helpful, although she sometimes struggled with English.



Julie from France came for almost 3 months from October to just before Christmas 2017 - just as well with early snow, so not just poo-shovelling! Her parents came over to stay - and we taught them canasta - and her boyfriend Francis, so I feel I know the family. Julie and WWOOFer Juanjo worked well together with the horses and were a great team.



Juanjo from Catalonia, is the father of Sam who came to WWOOF at Gadebrook seven years ago - good to know the tradition continues up the generations. What a wonderful multi-talented helper Juanjo was - repairing the broken gazebo, painting window frames, re-covering chairs, hanging pictures and rosettes, fixing broken gutters, clearing the garden and preparing some delicious meals. Muchas gracias, Juanjo - please come back!



Manuel from Austria was new to many of the horse-coping tasks, but learnt quickly and worked happily in August 2017. He loved historic Oundle, especially fish 'n'n chips on a Friday night. I hope he feels I helped improve his English during his stay.



Morgane from France was lucky to join us crewing endurance horses each weekend, between field duties at the farm. She especially enjoyed supporting Kaalif and Roni from Israel at the Belvoir Ride. She met loads of people and improved her English.



Ben from France came  in June and July 2017 – such a cheerful helpful young man, who crewed at endurance events, came Arab racing, enjoyed all the events during the Oundle Festival AND improved his English



Karolina from Germany helped in May and June 2017 –  she fitted straight in, spoke perfect English, managed the fields and worked with the horses really well. She made delicious soups – and even ‘met’ the Queen at the Royal Windsor Endurance races. Maybe she will come back when the farrier is due…..



In May 2017, it was a treat to have Maja back again from Switzerland as she knows the routines and helped create new fencing for our three rather boisterous youngsters



Audrey from France joined us in April 2017!– Audrey was happy to help with all aspects of the stud and learnt about crewing endurance horses and helped with Kalish over 80kms



Massimo from Italy helped take charge of the stud in wintry weather from January to March 2017 while I was at the WAHO conference in Bahrain. He worked with the horses and on his English, and found time to ride my endurance mare Kalish



Local lass Georgina was fortunately free to help in the autumn 2016 and is a dab hand at worming and all the other technical bits of caring for the Gadebrook herd



Jeanne from Denmark immersed herself in England for two months in September and October, and we went Arab racing, to a Shuttleworth flying display, a quiz night, a fair, exhibitions, films, a fish 'n'n chip supper, endurance crewing, her 20th birthday - she even got to ride a horse!



Laura, another teenage language student from Germany, got involved in all aspects of the stud in August and fell head over heels for filly Sameera who is now thoroughly spoilt!



Lively Linda from Italy came in the summer for the twin tasks of improving her English and helping with the horses, which she did happily with her bubbly personality



Enthusiastic Marlene, now fully qualified as a doctor in Germany, made one of her regular visits back to Gadebrook and was rewarded with the birth of Samska's beautiful filly Sameera, who luckily arrived a week early



Young Aymeric from France endured the wettest June on record, but bravely battled on and learned a lot about breeding and Arab horses



Joao stopped in at Gadebrook for two weeks in June on his world-travels from Brazil and enjoyed caring for the mares and teaching the orphan foals to lead



Gentle Jean made a welcome return visit to Gadebrook in May, albeit to new premises at Spring Lodge Farm, to renew acquaintances with the mares and meet the new foals, including two orphans. He joined in the party to host German guests from our twin town of Naourt



Capable Clément from Belgium came in the toughest winter month of February 2016 to work tirelessly in the fields. He helped our French café with their language and conversation, and I hope I helped him with his English


Emily and Calvin

Emily and Calvin took over the house and the farm during New Year 2016 as I was recuperating from an eye operation, so I am very grateful for all their hard work and dedication



Maja from Switzerland took over for three weeks in May 2016 to help with orphan colt Hadiya min Zariffia, and the two new foals from Palma and Signature – such a busy time for her, but so helpful and hard-working!)

Fortunately dependable Maja was able to come back in July and August and is now VERY much part of the Gadebrook family



In the trauma of Zariffia foaling a huge colt 10 days late on 27 April and dying from a prolapsed colon Milla was a Godsend.

She helped pull out the foal, milked Zariffia, and then the foster mare we found, to feed the foal every two hours round the clock, sleeping on the straw during the night! Her training for three years at the German State Stud at Marbach was invaluable. She won’t forget her stay at Gadebrook!


Guillermo and Sebastian

Lively twins Guillermo and Sebastian from Argentina came for three bright, muddy weeks in February 2016 to meet the horses, help in the fields and learn English (I think I learnt more Spanish!)


World traveller Andreu from Barcelona, ... or was it Belgium?, came for two weeks in the run-up to Christmas 2015 and learnt all about the Crabbet mares and foals at Gadebrook. We are grateful for his help



We welcomed Norbert from Hungary for three weeks in November 2015, the very first volunteer under the Workaway programme. His help in the fields and the garden was rewarded with rides on my friend Ros’s horse



Annie from the USA came to hold the fort while Anne was at the World Arab Horse Conference in Qatar and helped Joanna with the horses, and also kindly looked after Biscuit the Cat at home in Oundle. Couldn’t have managed without her; what a treasure. Thank you



Melissa from Australia made Gadebrook her first WWOOFing stop on a year-long visit to Britain and Europe and came back again and again in autumn 2014 to help load horses going to new homes and to trainers, then clear out 20 years of accumulated tack, rug, tools, medicaments , files, photos and – let’s face it – junk. Thank you so much, Melissa. Hope you enjoyed Christmas with us



A long-awaited return visit from Marlene (from Germany) gave us time to catch up on all the additions to Gadebrook since her last stay. She has nearly finished her medical studies so we hope to see her back again next year. She loves the horses and the horses love her!



We were delighted to welcome back Nelly (from France)in September 2014 for her third visit to Gadebrook. As well as meeting the foals, Mazaria and Dandini, and renewing friendships with all the familiar Arabians at Gadebrook, Nelly had time to enjoy a boat trip on the River Nene.



What a wonderful WWOOFer Sarah has been – so helpful with the horses and the stud chores, so cheerful – and so successful at canasta! Please come back soon, Sarah!

Congratulations, Sarah, on being our 100th WWOOFer!



Finally Albane, who turned 20 during her stay



Then Barbara



Then came Adrian



Then came Philippine who saw the birth of our two foals



Solene was the first of a series of French WWOOFers at Gadebrook in the spring and summer of 2014



We were delighted that Hannah came back from Germany for a third WWOOF at Gadebrook in March. Her help was much appreciated, especially seeding the fields. She also had time for some Intelligent Horsemanship with Jackie, a Lambing Day, “Kiss Me Kate”, a visit to a training session with Rem and Kallista – and canasta, of course!



Manu from France also made a welcome return to Gadebrook - this time, with collie Jaffa. He worked his magic on a much-needed fence to create a colts’ field, as well as clearing a fallen tree in the mares’ paddock and patching us up in preparation for the foaling season in March 2014 – and late evening sessions of canasta!



International WWOOFer Ruth from the north east of England called in for a vital 10 days to cover for Anne during her trip to Abu Dhabi at the end of February 2014 and renewed her friendship with horses while she cleaned fields and led the yearling colts, Palermo and Bismillah - and Kitty the Shetland!



Fortunately, German student Astrid from Dortmund is familiar with horses and outdoor work, and enjoyed better weather for her time at Gadebrook while she helped look after the horses in Anne’s absence in Abu Dhabi



Gadebrook is now Corentin’s second home as he fitted in immediately with the routine and jobs on the stud in January and February 2014, and learned so much about Natural Horsemanship from groom Jackie. Photo: Corentin with Palermo.
His enthusiastic report for his university (in French) can be read HERE



Animal-loving Natasha blew in from Scotland for the darkest months of December 2013 and wettest weeks of the New year, and helped cheerfully on the farm and at the house (after Anne’s move). She soon became Kitty the Shetland’s best friend



Patricia came for the two winder months of 2013 from the warmth of Andalusia to the stiff breezes of Tansor Lodge farm. We helped her with her English and she helped us with the horses and fieldwork, usually “helped” (interrupted) by Palmyra (right).



Ines from Barcelona kept calm in Autumn 2013 and helped at the farm while a house move was going on in Oundle. She particularly enjoyed working with the youngsters and fell in love with Pepelka’s filly Mariska (right)



It's always a joy to have teenage students from Freischule Elztal in Germany and Jule (the 4th in 3 years) was the latest to study English here while she helped with the horses in the early autumn of 2013. She coped brilliantly with both at the farm, but got into hot water at the house!



Lisa from Germany got the best and the worst of the weather - and shivered through a 50-mph gale while Salim did his first 120km Endurance Race. We hope she enjoyed her stay as much as we enjoyed having her.



Gentle Jean from France had excellent English and a wonderful way with the horses, so we enjoyed a happy summer with him as he learnt about Intelligent Horsemanship and afternoon tea, English style. But he'll never be able to look at a bat in the same way again!



Lina came back to renew friendships with humans and horses in August 2013 and met another returning WWOOFer Hannah. Always lovely to have WOOFers back to stay - they know the routine so we have plenty of time to play!



We were delighted that Hannah came back from Germany to help with the horses and improve her English in the sunny summer of 2013. We kept her busy with the Crabbet Convention, Gadebrook's Open Day and 'vet running' at Endurance Rides with Kalish and Salim.



Experienced horsewoman Kenza arrived from France in a heatwave in June 2013 for two weeks and very quickly made friends with the three foals and their dams.



Riley from the USA joined us at the peak of a very busy spring in 2013 to help with handling the two colt foals, Masadi covering three mares, Wahiba going off to stud, Al Wajbah leaving on loan, a Middle Eastern TV crew filming at Gadebrook for two days, and an endless stream of visitors. We wish her luck back at Brown University.



Lucky Heike came from Germany to enjoy the foals, especially Signature's lively colt, Bismillah, in the late spring of 2013. Hopefully her experience with the horses at Gadebrook will help her with her vet studies back in Hanover. Click on photo to view Heike with Bismillah



Hannah brought huge enthusiasm and energy to the stud in February 2013, got up close and personal with the stallions, including Binley Prince Salim at his dressage tests, and learnt "join-up" with the youngsters.
She'll be back.



Kindergartan teacher and mature English language student Nerea, from the Basque region of Spain, spent ten weeks in early 2013 learning English and helping with the horses - in very chilly weather. She was always good company and an excellent student.



Johnny from France lugged barrows of water and hay to the fields every day to help us through a bitter winter 2013 - and invented the tyre hay feeder. Thanks Johnny.



Cheerful Erwin from Chile kept us smiling through a cold December 2012 while we struggled with flooded fields and muddy horses. He made particular friends with filly Palmyra who flirted with him outrageously. Please come back for a return game of Canasta!



Hard-working and conscientious Philippe from France helped enormously with the horses and the farmwork for a month in December 2012, and kindly tidied up the garden too. He was pretty partial to English crumpets too.



Medical student Marlene came for her third visit to Gadebrook from Germany in October 2012 at the same time as Lina. Together they helped with the horses and got to know Jazmyn and her colt foal Samba.



Lina from Germany came to Gadebrook for two months in August 2012 and was immediately immersed in helping at an endurance ride in stewarding the Crabbet Show at Equifest and in helping to prepare for the BEF Young Stock Evaluations, together with Sandy. Her hard work and enthusiasm are grately appreciated.



From Ireland via London - Sandy is steeped in horses and helped enormously during a very busy August 2012 with endurance rides, the Crabbet Show and the BEF Youngstock Evaluations assisted by Lina, WWOOFer from Germany



Helpful and hard-working Elisa from Angers in France enjoyed meeting the horses in August 2012, including Palma Benay from Australia, and Jazmyn's foal Samba by Sambist



Lothar joined us from the Austrian Organic Farmers Association to improve his English as my student and to help with the foals and the fields in spring 2012 - and brought his own kayak and bike to explore the area. His enthusiasm and hard work is much appreciated.



Ina came back for her third visit in April 2012 and was awarded - on her last day - by the arrival of Pepelka's colt foal Samarqand.



Birte, now on her fifth visit to Gadebrook, in early April 2012, brought her sunny disposition to the many tasks at Gadebrook stud, what fun it is to have her back!



Graphic designer Anne from Germany worked her socks off helping on the farm and learning about the horses for two months in early 2012 - a joy to have around the house and the stud.



18-year old Sanne from Australia is already world-travelled and a great asset to Gadebrook Stud for the 2 months at the end of 2011



Sophia from Germany, a class-mate of Sarah's, worked really well with the horses in the autumn of 2011



Sarah came from Germany for English lessons and stayed to give us lots of help with the horses in the summer of 2011



Marjolaine joined us in June 2011 for 3 months and immediately got to know the foals, including cheeky 2-month old Tango (Sambist x Jazmyn)



Ever-helpful Lorenzo from Tuscany arrived in time for Jazmyn's foal, Tango, in May 2011 and had a magic touch with all the horses



Hard-working Moises came over from Barcelona in April 2011 and helped get the farm ready for spring and the mares ready for covering



Pierre helped in the run up to Christmas 2010 in wintery conditions of frozen troughs, snow-covered fields and hungry horses. He also made friends with our latest addition, Biscuit, the ginger kitten



Hannah's two visits covered an English learning session - an excellent student and WWOOF holiday where she accomplished so much with the young horses - and also Al Wajbah (click photo)



Birte paid a welcome return visit to Gadebrook for a 4th time to renew her bond with the foals, to meet kitten biscuit and to catch up with the latest news



Christina is the sister of Ramona who had WWOOFed at Gadebrook the previous year - nice to know we are a family affair! Christina was very able at both handling and riding the horses



Nelly from France joined us in August 2010, replacing Katja and helping with training the foals and learning about Arabian horses and stud work. Here she gets to know Palma Benay from Australia



Franciska from Germany spent all too short a time with us in July 2010 and we hope she will come back to enjoy the Arab horses she loves so much, including Al Wajbah



Katja from Switzerland spent six wonderful summer weeks at Gadebrook tirelessly working with the horses and poo-picking the fields (oh joy!), all the while studying hard for her English exams under Anne's tuition.


Petyó (Peter)

Peter joined us from Hungary and within half an hour was helping the vet inseminate a mare - in at the deep end! He loves the horses. especially the foals Wahiba and Mandarine.



Ina returned for 2 wonderful weeks to help with covering, and caring for the foals, including Kaalif when he had a tummy bug and needed medicine



For laid back Adam from Australia, the answer lies in the soil. He planted trees, strimmed the ever-growing weeds and created manure piles at every corner



Alison makes a welcome return to Gadebrook in the spring of 2010, having endured the worst of the winter here previously.



So many new experiences for tireless Ina from Germany, including handling the new foals and Crabbet mare Palma Benay. We hope she will return to Gadebrook



Lucky Marine from France - the best weather, coverings, visiting mares - and three new foals; what WWOOFer could ask for more!




Fun-loving Udo, from Romania, pictured in a rare serious moment with Jazmyn, spent a lively month at Gadebrook in March 2010 before returning to his walking guide duties in the Carpathian Mountains



Jenny from the west coast of the USA joined us in the mud of February 2010 to help us train our youngsters with natural horsemanship methods. Kalish can't wait!



Manu from France soon caught the canasta bug, hardly putting down the cards to eat each evening! However during the day he worked very hard in the fields and in the stables to help us through February 2010. His repairs on the fencing should keep the horses out of the orchard for a few more years.



Sarah came from Germany in mid-winter 2010 to learn more about handling horses and farm work - plus the joys of crumpets and canasta.

Sarah learnt to plait manes, using weanling filly Silver Sunbeam for her model, seen here with bay weanling colt, Rizaam by Sambist.



Ricardo - our first WWOOFer from Brazil - has been a wonderful helper in a dark and difficult winter, hacking ice off the troughs, carrying hay to the mares and poo-picking endlessly, then beating us at canasta



Alison came from the USA in January 2010 and has been so capable and keen she will return in May, to see the new foals, to continue training Sunbeam (right) and to try to win at canasta



Sophie from France helped in the worst of the winter weather 2010 fighting snow and winds to look after our pregant mares and youngsters, for which we thank her



Stéphanie whose family come from Cambodia, was a bright light over Christmas 2009 with her partner Dorian, a fire eater from France - who in fact did indeed set fire to the living room (bellows too close to the wood burner creating a hotter Christmas lunch than we needed!)



Eric from the USA joined us in December 2009 on the first leg of his European adventure, and learned about horses, stud work and country pursuits in general



American vet student Lee "commuted" from her course at Glasgow University in September 2009 to help out at Gadebrook and learn a little about equine medicine



Hélène from Lille in northern France energised the stud in so many ways although she struggled with English at first. She was happy to help with all tasks and rejuvernated the lawns between helping with the mares and foals.

Hélène also helped school Rhapsody in Blue



We were delighted to welcome back Marlene from Berlin in 2009 as she had previously spent two months with us in summer 2008. Her English has improved and her help with the horses was invaluable. She was reunited with kitten Chaussettes and helped feed three month old filly Silver Sunbeam (pictured)



Wayne cheerfully hacked and axed his way through the Gadebrook undergrowth in the summer of 2009 to clear the land of weeds and overgrown bushes. Thanks, Wayne



Ramona from Germany stayed too short a time with us but helped re-seed the bare patches that Sambist dug in his field - and she finally got to ride Pepelka



Célia from France was a cheerful addition to the stud to help with the foals in Summer 2009. Her happy disposition and skill with the horses made her visit a pleasure.



Sam, a journalism student from Barcelona, put a huge amount of energy into clearing the weeds from the land, trimming the hedges and driving the quad bike to clear the rubbish. Once he had watched the Fawlty Towers series, he understood why everyone said 'Que?' when we said he was from Barcelona.



Thomas, originally from Austria, but now living in Dharamsala, the home of the Dalai Lama in India, brought a wonderful energy and commitment to Tansor Lodge Farm, strimming, digging, burning, clearing and planting to transform the fields and garden. He hardly expected to help with foals and covering - so a new experience for him!



Lucia, our first WWOOFer from the Netherlands, worked tirelessly - but was rewarded with a new colt from Rizaari and the birth of Silver Heart's filly in the field one sunny April morning.



We were delighted that Birte was able to return with her usual cheerful, helpful manner and wonderful sense of humour. Such a shame Rizaari foalded late and she missed the birth. But she did get to handle the eagle when the falconer came to hunt rabbits



German Ines, now teaching in Austria, stayed too short a time but was a valuable helper - on the farm and in the kitchen. The hanging baskets she helped create have brightened the farm. She promises to return in August to see them in their glory.




Elsa arrived from Belgium in a snowstorm in February 2009 and worked tirelessly with the horses and in the stables. She seemed to enjoy her stay as much as we enjoyed having her with us.



Amanda from South Africa rejoined us for three weeks in winter 2009 to help manage the farm during Anne's absence in Oman.



Thank goodness for Claudia from Austria who came for two and a half snowy and muddy months at the beginning of 2009.



Lucie from France celebrated Christmas 2008 with us, between mucking out, coping with horses and supporting the FitzWilliam Hunt.



Anna from France joined us in November 2008 for some muddy poo picking and horse training with Rhapsody in Blue.



Canadian Jenni from British Columbia joined us in November and taught Bright Dawn the 'Spanish walk' - between cycle rides, yoga and apple stews.



Haynet-filler and apple-picker extraordinaire, Adam, from Toulouse, joined us in October 2008 for two weeks.



Another wonderful German volunteer, Birte - and Kalish - helped with blackberry-picking, weeding and so much more in September and October 2008



Mélanie returned to Gadebrook in August 2008 and rides a horse, at last: Archie, belonging to Felicity, our work experience student



Kristina from Germany with Palma Benay from Australia; we hope she enjoyed her stay as much as we enjoyed having her here to help during September 2008



Kitten tamer Marlene from Germany shared her time between feline and equine duties for two months in late summer 2008




Gesine, from Hanover, shown mucking about on the muck heap, joined us in July 2008 to help with the foals




Camille, from Lille, improved her English while helping us in June 2008. Her gentle ways worked well with our horses




Amanda from South Africa stayed in June and July 2008. She really appreciated the Gadebrook way of handling the horses and we welcome her promised return visit




Marjorie from San Francisco, swapped the design world for work in the fields in June 2008 - with a little help from Bright Dawn!




Nurse Daniela, from Austria, was the ideal person to help inject a sick foal during her stay in May 2008


Yukino (2nd visit)

Yukino, from Japan, returned for another month in April and took the chance to drive Jackie's miniature ponies




Miriam, from Germany, a tireless and valuable member of the team at Tansor Lodge Farm in March 2008




Katie, our first WWOOFer from Canada, in February 2008 coping just as well with a ferret as with the rest of the animals




Andrea from Berlin in Germany meets 2-year old Rhapsody in Blue, December 2007





Yukino, our first WWOOFer from Japan, joined us for Christmas 2007 and New Year 2008




Kathrine, our first WWOOFer from Denmark, helps feed the weanings, Nov 2007




François, from France, our first chap and a hero he turned out to be. Here with his favourite mare Silver Aura, Nov 2007




Ziggy, from Southhampton, our first English WWOOFer. Always cheerful but doesn't impress Zaharina! Oct 2007




Elena, from Germany. So many fences to paint, so little time!




Stéphanie, from Switzerland, hitches a ride on the quad bike with Gadebrook groom Vicki, Aug 2007




Mélanie, from France, with stallion Sambist. Our very first WWOOFer arrived in time to cover Jazmyn on 14 July 2007