Bright Moonlight        

Filly Bright Moonlight, 100% Crabbet, was born on the night of the super-moon, 8 April 2020.

Moonlight is now sold to a leading endurance vet in Italy for future competition.

She is the first foal by Gadebrook’s Reserve Futurity Endurance champion Hadiya and out of 24-yr old Inshallah Signature (imp Australia)

Click on picture above for short video clip of Anne leading 3-day old Bright Moonlight to her paddock. At 4 months, Bright Moonlight gained Gold in the endurance section of the national Youngstock Futurity Evaluations in August, with excellent marks for movement and conformation. The result earned her 3rd position overall and 2nd in the Endurance Foal section.

Click HERE for a clip from the video sent the Futurity evaluators. Because of Covid-19, horses could not attend venues in the flesh in 2020.


Pure Crabbet yearling filly Bright Moonlight
at Gadebrook in June 2021

Above and below: Crabbet filly Bright Moonlight at 14 weeks
with her 24-year old dam Inshallah Signature (imp Aus) at Gadebrook in July 2020

Bright Moonlight in her paddock at two weeks old

Week-old Bright Moonlight, keen to get to her paddock, April 2020 at Gadebrook

Growing fast - Bright Moonlight at 3 weeks old with proud breeder Anne Brown

New Zealand helper Debbie on her fourth visit to Gadebrook, is Bright Moonlight’s Number One fan