Gadebrook horses at Crabbet Convention 2013
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Anne Brown (AHS President Elect) 2nd from right, with Peter Butler (Aus), Rosemary Doyle (USA) + Natalie Meredith, AHS Vice Chairman (rt) at the 2013 Crabbet Convention 9-yr old endurance mare Kalish unaccustomed to showing in hand! Binley Prince Salim, left, ridden by Emma Thomas, with full brother Ikoni 3-yr old pure Crabbet colt Kaalif handled by Davina Godwin
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Caroline Hawes in endurance bib on Kalish joins the ridden performance horse parade Binley Prince Salim parades in hand with Alan Theobald 2-yr old pure Crabbet filly Palmyra (Klinta Sultan x Palma Benay) led by stand-in German visitor Anne Tesch in place of Palmyra's proper handler who didn't turn up! Pevensey Zariffia, 7-yr old pure Crabbet mare from Australia, in foal to Marbon Masadi, run out by Alan Theobald, owner of Masadi