Owner Joanne Holman's pride and joy, Zaha is an accomplished long-distance competitor, winning the 40-mile race in field of 40 at the 2008 Endurance Festival at Cirencester Park. She has continued her wins in 2009; in a 50-mile race, and came 2nd (by a second!) in the Three Rivers 60-mile race.

In October 2009, Zaha came 9th out of 22 runners in the Marathon on Salisbury Plain - 26 miles in two hours which she comleted in superb condition (see photo below, racing to the winning line). Last year at her first attemp Zaha was 8th out of 19 and also won the Best Crabbet.

Zaha is by world Endurance Champion Hachim out of our Ludomino daughter, Zaharina, all bred at Gadebrook.


As a foal with dam Zaharina in 1997




Competing with Joanne Holman
in Endurance in 2003