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This smart colt born early May 2014 is the third bay colt that Palma Benay has produced to boost the Crabbet gene pool in Britain. Dandini is by the 2012 pure Crabbet champion Marbon Masadi, whose temperament is as gentle as Palma's.

Dandini has progeny in Britain, Spain and Sweden and now stands at the studs of Ingela Brinkefeldt and Anne Karlsson.


Video: Dandini just before he left Gadebrook for his new home
with Seren Arabians, Cumbria. Video by Seren Arabians

Dandini's dam, Palma Benay, travelled over from Australia in 2007 as a two-year old to Gadebrook to start the Boomerang Plan, re-introducing the bay gene to Britian in pure Crabbets. Palma as always is an excellent mum with ample milk to help Dandini grow.

Dandini has all the bravado and poise his name suggests. He is bred for a ridden performance career and has the conformation and limbs for the job. He is SCID and LFS clear so has the potential to be an important stud stallion and contribute his rare genes to the Crabbet pool.

Above: Dandini at six-months, November 2014 - how he has grown
Dandini at 7 weeks old, July 2014

Dandini (right) with Mazaria

Groom Joanna leads Dandini in our figure of eight control while WWOOFer Corentin from France leads dam Palma



Dandini is a shameless flirt - first it is Janice Cockley Adams (left), then Davina Godwin (above), Sarah Hare (below, left), and Richard Allen (below)

Natalie Tindal measuring up Dandini at Gadebrook, 30 July 2014