Palma Benay


Gadebrook Stud is delighted to have acquired the outstanding bay pure Crabbet filly PALMA BENAY (born October 2005) from the renowned breeding programme of Leon Bennett of Pevensey Arabians and Rob & Yvonne Day of Moonlite Arabians in Australia.

For her first foal we chose the athletic pure Crabbet sire Silver Zaanif (Lutfi Pasha x Imperial Silver Lace); Palma produced a smart bay colt, Kaalif (2010), now qualified for FEI* international endurance races, and sire of Shaarif. The typey grey Klinta Sultan sired her next foal, the exquisite filly Palmyra, born June 2011.

In May 2013, Palma produced the long-legged all-Australian bay colt, Palermo (now standing at Moonlight Arabian Stud) by Erin Park Excel, the bay 100% Crabbet who came in from Australia with her in 2007.

In May 2014 Palma gave us another cracking bay colt, Dandini, (now standing at Seren Arabians) the first pure Crabbet by Marbon Masadi.


Palma backed for the first time, Februrary 2012 - Emma Thomas on board

The first UK foal by Australian Crabbet stallion Millpark Blaidd arrived 12 days early on 19 June 2018. As usual, Palma Benay is a ‘super-mum’ and baby 'Gadebrook Blade’ is a super-friendly colt.


Anne represents Blaidd’s frozen semen in the UK for owner Shirley Douglas Grieg. Blade is already reserved.

left and below: Blade with mum, Palma Benay


Palma with colt foal 'Dandini' at eight hours old at Gadebrook, May 2014

Palma and her 2013 pure Crabbet colt Palermo by Erin Park Excel, at three months, at Gadebrook

Palmyra at 6 weeks with dam Palma Benay from Australia: Photo Jackie Pringle

Silver Zaanif, sire of Palma's
2010 bay colt Kaalif

Anne saw Palma Benay as a 6-week old foal with her dam, Petra Benay, and her sire, Pevensey Safari, at Leon's stud, before the World Crabbet Convention in Toowoomba in 2005. Safari, by the Australian multiple champion Sarafire, paraded at the Convention where his half-brother, Prince Benay, won the Overall Supreme In-hand Championship.

Anne also had the chance after the Convention to stay at Anneka Arabians, the home of the handsome show horse and endurance champion, Magic Prophecy (15.1hh), sire of Petra Benay, so has met most of Palma's immediate family. Petra's dam, the exceptional mover, Santarabia Porfira by Ruberto, was a star of Brother Peter McIntosh's stud, and descended from the imported mare Carlina (Rissam x Shamnar), bred by Lady Wentworth.

Palma Benay arrived after an extended period in quarantine near Sydney, due to a horrendous outbreak of equine 'flu which hit Australia in August 2007. This confined horses to their location and prevented any exports.

Kaalif at 2 months with dam Palma Benay

Luckily Palma Benay escaped the virus which engulfed all surrounding districts. Shippers Crispin Bennett cleverly found an escape route via Hong Kong, Sharjah and Amsterdam, and arranged permits for the release of Palma Benay and Erin Park Excel, a bay 2-year old Crabbet colt destined for Pam & Paul Flower's stud in Wales (

With her illustrious endurance lines, a performance career is planned for Palma Benay. Meanwhile, Palma is proving a great success as a brood mare, producing the long-awaited pure Crabbet bay colt, Kaalif, in 2010 (the elusive bay gene having been all but lost with the export of Gadebrook's world-beating endurance champion, Hachim, to Abu Dhabi). Kaalif's sire Silver Zaanif, already an accomplished show jumper, now embarks on endurance.

In August 2012, 2-year old Kaalif (above) earned a Higher First Premium at the BEF Futurity Evaluations - and his dam, Palma, received a certificate of recognition. In 2013, Palma's 2011 filly, Palmyra, will be BEF evaluated.

Endurance horse Pevensey Safari,
Palma's sire in Australia

Palma's sire Pevensey Safari ready
for action in the breeding shed!