GAS Pepelka

We are delighted to welcome the pure Russian AHS Premium mare GAS Pepelka to Gadebrook thanks to the generosity of Sandra Wilsher and Paul Simmons.

Pepelka has initiated a pure Russian breeding programme at Gadebrook, with the births of two strong bay fillies, Kallista (2010) and Mariska (2013),
both by our Premium stallion and top racing sire, Sambist.

Pepelka's pedigree is particularly valuable as it contains no Aswan, the Egyptian stallion given to the Russian State Stud.


Pepelka's latest foal for Gadebrook, pure Russian filly Mariska by Sambist,
born 27 June 2013

Pepelka comes from the finest race lines and has proved herself a successful dam of race horses with both Mack the Knife (by Makzan) and Moogali (by Bengali D'Albret) having won on the racecourse. Pepelka's lovely chestnut daughter Tamarisk was covered by Sambist last year.

Pepelka will be covered by Sambist again for 2014.

Kallista, Pepelka's 2-month old filly by Sambist, leads her dam back to the farm

Pepelka enjoying life at Gadebrook: Photo Laura Vanderloo

Pepelka's illustrious pedigree includes the world famous stallion Peleng (above) who was purchased by the Americans from the Tersk State Stud for "well in excess of $3 million" in 1985.

Proud owner Anne (left) with Kerry Wilson,
Pepelka's breeder summer 2009