Snapshots of Alkass Sport TV cameramen with Gadebrook horses in 2013
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01-alkass-filming 02-crew-film-palermo 03-is-nothing-private
Alkass filming at Gadebrook 31st May 2013 Crew filmed Palermo, Crabbet colt en route to his field Is nothing private - Alkass TV, up close and very personal with Palermo and Palma
04-meal-in-peace 05-zohdi-with-signature 06-a-interviewing-anne
'What does a chap have to do to get a meal in peace around here'. Alkass Sport TV filming 'Roo' Zohdi from Alkass Sport TV with Signature and her colt Bismillah Alkass TV interviewing Anne at Gadebrook 31 May 2013