AHS Centenary Marathon 2018

As Chairman of the AHS Centenary Committee, Anne organised the Marathon in Newmarket over 26 miles courtesy of The Jockey Club who provided the historic Rowley Mile course and The July course for our 20 runners. Riders enjoyed the glorious October day with no injuries to horses or riders.

Photo right: Tizzie White on Buckleberry Habiba wins the 2018 Marathon trophy, presented by Jenny Lees, representing the Royal Studs of Bahrain who generously sponsored the race. The AHS cup is held by AHS Chairman Joanne Lowe, right. Anne passes the cheque for £1000 to Tizzy


Crabbet Show at Equifest 2017

Our fifth Crabbet Show was held at the East of England Showground on Sunday 13th August 2017, with judges Barbara Cary (In-Hand), Nicola Mellor (Ridden) and Nicola Freud (Sport Horse). Results to follow.

Equifest 2016 and 2015 results

Download full 2016 results as a WORD 'doc' file click HERE (or if you do not have Microsoft WORD on your computer
download 2016 results as an 'RTF' file click HERE

View an article about the Crabbet Show at Equifest 2016
by Caroline Sussex (includes summary results)

For 2015 results click HERE

For a Photo Diary of Anne's year as Hon President of the Arab Horse Society 2014-15, click HERE



Gadebrook Stud win again at the 2015 Crabbet Endurance Awards

Anne proudly displays the basket of rosettes her home-bred horses won for their Endurance achievements during 2015, earning her the Crabbet Endurance Breeder of the Year trophy.

Remynisce gained the Crabbet-related Endurance Horse of the Year title

Kalish won the Distance award and Kalif won the Novice award.

The BEF trophy for youngstock evaluation went to 3-yr old SAR Magical Spirit who gained Elite and is by the Gadebrook-bred Premium stallion Crystal Magic, collected by Ruby T. (right), her owner.



Gadebrook Stud's horses triumph at 2014 Crabbet Endurance awards

Gadebrook Stud wiped the board at the first ever Endurance Awards 2014 presented by the Crabbet Organisation in February 2015.

Yearling colt Bismillah was honoured as the First Premium winner, in the Endurance section of the BEF Futurity Evaluations in 2014.

Kalish, our advanced endurance mare, was awarded as leading horse in her section.

Binley Prince Salim won the long-distance award, the Pure Crabbet award, and others too numerous to mention.



England hosted the World Crabbet Convention on 20th and 21st July 2013 - at Addington Manor - five Gadebrook horses were invited to parade.

Gadebrook was the first port of call of the subsequent two-week stud tour. Visitors came to our Open Day on Monday 22nd July - and for lunch.

Left, Australian Bob Curtin greets Crabbet colt Bismillah sired by the stallion he bred, Monarch Lodge Ambition. Looking on are German writer and photographer Betty Finke and breeder Margret Bower from Scotland. Proud dam Inshallah Signature is looking for the other visitors. Click link below to see them.


Anne is appointed President Elect of the Arab Horse Society (2014) and remains Vice Chairman of the AHS Premium Performance Scheme.

Sambist and Salim feature on new AHS Premium Performance Scheme banners displayed at the Arab National Championships, Malvern July 2013

Sambist and Salim also feature on the 2013 AHS Premium Performance Scheme calendar

Click HERE to view Sambist
Click HERE to view Binley Prince Salim

Anne administers the annual AHS Performance Horse Awards, which are presented at the AHS National Championships at Malvern each July.


Right: Anne (2nd left) with Scheme committee members, Marian Eydmann, Rowena Bartrum and Judy Phillips and new roller banners, at Malvern 2013  

Alkass Sport TV, from Qatar, came to film the Gadebrook horses at the end of May 2013 with some very intimate results!


Left: Alkass TV Director Rany with Palmyra during filming at Gadebrook

Below left: Pevensey Zariffia takes centre stage

Below right: 'What does a chap have to do to get a meal in peace around here'. Alkass Sport TV filming 'Roo'


Click HERE to view a web gallery of photos taken during Alkass Sport TV filming at Gadebrook


The arrival at Gadebrook in October of the two beautiful mares, Inshallah Signature and Pevensey Zariffia from Australia, brings exciting new lines to the pure Crabbet gene pool in Britain. Signature travelled in foal to Monarch Lodge Ambition and produced a tall, energetic and very correct foal in April 2013.


Pevensey Zariffia (left) and Inshallah Signature at Gadebrook, October 2012


The film crew from the Middle Eastern TV station Al Jazeera filmed at Gadebrook in July 2012. Photographed below with Silver Sunbeam. Click HERE to view a short video of their visit in Arabic.

Al Jazeera TV's here - pass it on. Anne hears it straight from the horse's mouth

German endurance riders and breeders of racing Arabians, Martina and Michael Sommer, either side of Anne (in pink) and endurance rider Stefanie Woschee and partner Stefan Meher, visit Gadebrook stud and the end of August after the World Endurance Championships at Euston Park  

  Tory Bailey, son of Remington Steele's owner Patti Bailey, came over in August to visit Sarah Hare (right) who spends time each year riding Patti's endurance horses in the States. There is quite a reciprocal arrangement developing here.....
Gadebrook welcomes many overseas visitors to Open House stud tours including Fay and Bruce Copland from Australia, seen here with Rosemary Archer (left), and Margaret Bower from Scotland who provided a report on one of them for the Crabbet Journal click HERE.  


Gadebrook has hosted a number of Intelligent Horsemanship seminars, led by Sue Palmer. Usually a number of us, some participating, some observing, enjoy an interesting and informative practical day, working with a variety of Gadebrook's young horses. With 'human to human' exercises to reinforce understanding, we learn about the use of timing, attitude, energy, consistency, and the importance of letting the horse know that it has done well. Sue demonstrates her calm approach to each situation and expains the value of leadership in developing the horse's confidence in its handler.

Joanne Orme learns to long rein Rhapsody while instructor Sue Brown looks on

Sue Palmer (left) prepares to instruct Gadebrook staff and helpers,
starting with 3-yr old colt, Binley Prince Salim

Anne greets the Brownies at Gadebrook, summer 2008

In June 2007 Gadebrook Stud hosted an Open Day for members of the Norfolk & Suffolk Arab Group who gathered round veteran mare Silver Aura for a photo.

In 2004, we celebrated the studís 35th anniversary with a Reunion Party at Tansor Lodge Farm. We invited the many horses bred at Gadebrook stud to return with their owners for a programme of displays, fun, games, a treasure hunt, masses of photo opportunities of family groups, and a BBQ. DETAILS

We were happy to host the Society of Equine Artists and tutors each May. Our 2004 filly foal Kalish by Crystal Magic was on show with her dam Kumasha, as was Sunne in Silver with her foal Rusleema. DETAILS

Gadebrook hosted an evening stud tour and quiz for members of the Pony Club of the FitzWilliam Hunt in summer 2006. AHS Premium mare Jazmyn, dressed in her desert regalia, greeted them on the lawn. Jazmyn is in foal for 2007 to American World Arab Horse Trophy winner for 2005, Remington Steele*++.



After intensive training at the Willesley Clinic and West Kington Stud Anne has qualified as a Defra approved equine artificial insemination technician for fresh and chilled semen



The crew from the new 'free-to-view' TV channel All4Horses.TV came to Gadebrook Stud to film the mares and youngsters for a programme launched at the Horse of the Year Show in October 2006, featuring Crabbet Arabian horses.

Stars of the session were Rhapsody in Blue (the darker grey) and Binley Prince Salim, our yearling colt, strutting their stuff before the cameras.



To celebrate the 35th anniversary of Gadebrook Stud in 2004, Anne Brown invited all the horses she has bred to return with their owners for a Reunion Party in May. The new foals paraded with their dams - Kumasha and bay baby Kalish by Crystal Magic, and Sunne in Silver and 3-week old Rusleema; the champion endurance and show-jumping stallion Shaded Silver strutted his stuff; and the ever-increasing 'family' paraded in the top paddocks, and grouped for photos.

Silver Aura (born in 1980) met her veteran breeder, Mrs Iona Bowring (now McVean), and three offspring all by Silvern Sceptre: Silver Aria, Bright Sceptre and Aurran.  
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Silver Aura with breeder, Mrs Bowring (left) and Anne Brown in 2004
Visitors enjoyed a hog roast lunch, quizzes, the display of equine art, and a treasure hunt on horseback that left at breakneck speed returning in half the time allowed, and a cream tea. Christine Bouma won a portrait of her Gadebrook gelding Khamees to be painted by Sian Wynn. The day raised £250 towards the Brooke Hospital for Animals in Cairo which helps equines in the Middle East.  
Racing start to the treasure hunt: Shaded Silver (left) and Magic Phantom



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Gadebrook Stud hosted the 2004 Arab Horse Society Judging Seminar in April at Tansor Lodge Farm with over 20 would-be judges under instruction while the horses paraded for their assessment.

At the end of a packed day, Anne awarded all participants a red rosette, in anticipation of the many the new judges will be giving out in the coming years - no bribery intended!

Everyone a winner!




The Society of Equine Artists held their annual seminar at Gadebrook Stud in early May 2004, the first time they had visited an Arab stud farm. They now return each spring.

Many beautiful pictures, sketches and photos resulted, despite rain and the dramatic arrival of Sunne in Silver's filly - her first foal, so problems, medical care, tranquilisers - and that was just the owner!  
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Portait of Kalish by Dick Barton