Chestnut pure Crabbet filly born 7 May 2014 by 2012 Crabbet show pure Crabbet champion Marbon Masadi x Pevensey Zariffia (imp Australia). Already a little charmer Mazaria loves meeting people.

Newborn Mazaria 7 May 2014


Miss Longstockings leaping round Gadebrook paddocks at 4 days old, May 2014

Yearling filly Mazaria starts her show career at Equifest and (above) the UK International Show in August. Photo Marilyn Sweet


Left: A lot of rosettes for a little filly! Yearling Mazaria's haul at the 2015 Crabbet show at Equifest. She won the Junior Championship, the pure-Crabbet Female Championship, and the reserve pure-Crabbet Championship of the show, capably handled by trainer Davina Godwin (above).

A promising start to her show career as her sire, Marbon Masadi leaves for a dressage and stud career in Germany. Starting ridden career with new owner in Sussex.


Mazari's sire Marbon Masadi winning the pure-Crabbet Arabian Championship at Equifest 2012


Mazaria saying hello to Jane Paynter at Gadebrook, 22 May 2014

Vet student Sara Hillyer, June 2014

Mazaria (left) and colt Dandini


Mazaria with Natalie Tindall, at Gadebrook, 30 July 2014

Mazaria with thoroughbred beeder Sarah Waring, summer 2014

Mazaria and Nicky Freud, Gadebrook 3 July 2014

Kerry Wilson meets Mazaria (right) and Dandini, 25 June 2014


Crabbet fan and pedigree guru Alexia Ross nuzzles up to Mazaria under Zariffia's watchful eye

Charlotte Fleming meets Mazaria

Mazaria meets Davina Godwin

Mazaria stretching her legs at 3 days old

Mazaria and Zariffia have this licked!