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The Boomerang Plan to bring long-lost Crabbet genes back to Britain from Australia is already showing exciting results with the birth of two bay Crabbet colts, Palermo born 3 May 2013 and Bismillah born 5 April.

Palermo's sire and dam travelled over from Australia together in 2007 as two year olds - the colt, Erin Park Excel to Llain Arabians in Wales and filly Palma Benay to Gadebrook. Now the 2012 mating has produced this smart colt, 6 days late, and rarin' to go.

Palermo has joined Moonlight Arabian stud as a key component of their pure Crabbet breeding programme.


Above: Proud mum Palma shows off 10-week old colt Palermo at Gadebrook's Open Day, July 22nd 2013. Photo Alexia Ross.

Palermo will be assessed at the British Equestrian Federation's Youngstock Evaluations at Arena UK on July 31st 2014.

Left: "Hi baby brother", says Palermo on seeing 2014 colt Dandini with their dam Palma


Yearling pure Crabbet colt Palermo, from all-Australian lines, at Gadebrook July 2014: Photo Alexia Ross

Yearling Palermo, ever energetic in his paddock at Gadebrook

Palermo stretching his legs and flying his tail in true Arabian style

Palermo at 4 months struts his stuff and fans his tail in true Crabbet fashion

All Australian Palermo races his dam, Palma Benay, at Gadebrook, summer 2013