Tragically, Samarqand, Pepelka's impressive colt by Sambist, broke his pelvis in the field at 2 months old and has had to be put down. Rest in peace, brave little man.

Samarqand was the second offspring from the successful cross of Premium stallion Sambist and Premium mare GAS Pepelka, so he qualified for future Premium progeny classes and events. Three half-siblings are already race winners.

His pedigree contains all the Russian 'Greats' from the world of Arabian horse racing, whose strength and stamina are world-renowned.

He had the kindest face and sweetest temperament and was very easy to handle. He was strongly built with powerful movement and would have made an ideal prospect for racing and endurance.

His full sister Kallista will be graded at the BEF Futurity in August 2012, at Keysoe.


Samarqand at 4 days old, at Gadebrook

First steps - GAS Pepelka leads out Samarqand

caption: Life is too interesting to waste time grazing!


Austrian WWOOFer Lothar Greger takes 4-day old Samarqand out his paddock


New born Samarqand gets a warm welcome to
the world from German WWOOFer Ina Jain