Chestnut pure Russian Arab filly by top race winner and racing sire Vadeer x Samska by leading long-distance stallion Sambist; born 24 June 2016. Bred to win! Sameera is AHS Premium progeny on both sides of her illustrious racing pedigree and will be eligible for many awards once she is under saddle.

This unique filly has all the power and movement expected of Tersk lines and is exceptionally friendly. Sameera is in foal to racing champion Zayin Zachilles for 2021 (see photo lower down page).

2 year old Sameera, Gadebrook, July 2018

Six day old Sameera, Samska's pure Russian chestnut filly by Vadeer, June 2016, Gadebrook

Sameera at 2-weeks, with dam Samska by Sambist

New-born Sameera with dam Samska, at Gadebrook, 24 June 2016

Sameera and Palma's colt Blade at Gadebrook
Yearling Russian filly Sameera

Racing champion Zayin Zachilles