Articles about Gadebrook

Gadebrook horses worldwide have attracted publicity. We include a few features below.

2016 Birth dramas
Pevensey Zariffa died giving birth to Hadiya a Crabbet colt
Palma Benay's still-born filly
by Anne Brown

Summer 2016


Gadebrook Stud 2016, Resume
by Anne Brown



Gadebrook features in a double page spread published in the Crabbet Journal 2016
by Anne Brown

Winter 2016


Sambist: Orbituary in the Arabian Magazine
by Anne Brown

February 2015


Anne Brown, Honorary President AHS 2014

2014 Yearbook


Sambist, Racing supremo and leading Premium racing sire
Obituary by Anne Brown

2014 Yearbook


Performance Horse Awards 2015

2014 Yearbook


Premium Performance Scheme AHS

2014 Yearbook


Gadebrook Stud features in a glossy new book on “Arabian Horses of the World”

Autumn 2014


Sambist again UK Premium Arab Racing Sire of the Year

Autumn 2014


Salim features on front cover of Crabbet Journal

Summer 2014


Pure Crabbet Stallion wins Performance Horse Awards

Article on Salim appeared in Crabbet Journal, summer 2014


Riding High in 2013, Salim wins AHS Performance Awards

Article appeared in AHS News summer 2014


Salim, Premium progeny, wins 2013 AHS Performance Horse Awards

Article appeared in AHS News summer 2014


FEI** Stallion takes Performance Horse Awards

Article appeared in Endurance GB Magazine, April 2014


Binley Prince Salim wins National Performance Horse Awards

Article appeared in Nene Valley News


Breeding Arabian Performance Horses for Endurance

Gadebrook Stud features in Paul Simmons' article, Endurance GB Magazine, March/April 2014


Sambist's son, II Damb Much, features on Endurance GB magazine, March/April 2014

"Training for the toughest endurance race in the USA", with article


Salim H and H Dressage article 21 Nov 2013

"Energetic" Arab stallion enjoys Elementary British Dressage wins


Binley Prince Salim, Premium Progeny, wins overall PHA Championship Report in AHS News

AHS News 2013


World Crabbet Convention, Stud Tour, 2013

Article appeared in The Arabian Magazine, October 2013


Gadebrook Convention Stud tour, Part 1

Article by Betty Finke appeared in Crabbet Journal, Winter 2013
(for Part 2, by Anne Brown, click HERE)


Crabbet Journal Performance Report

Article in Winter 2013


Crabbet Journal Convention Cover

Crabbet Journal, Winter 2013. Two Gadebrook horses appear on the front cover: Binley Prince Salim and Kalish


Bringing back the Bay Gene

Article by Anne, appeared in The Crabbet Journal, Winter 2013


Magic Domino features on Crabbet Journal cover

In Summer 2010 edition, with article


Gadebrook Stud by Crabbet Arabian World

The worldwide online Crabbet site featured Gadebrook in the summer of 2011


Gadebrook stud visit

Visitor Caroline Hooker wrote on Gadebrook for Endurance GB magazine, January 2012


Article published in "Konni Mir" (Horse World) a Russian Equestrian magazine about the history of Crabbet Park Stud

By Anne Brown October 2007



Hachim, the fastest horse in the world wins the World Endurance Championship in Dubai, 2005