Travels, conventions, show reports and other articles, by Anne


Anne attended the excellent Crabbet Convention in the Autumn 2005 in Australia and also visited the major Crabbet studs on tours either side of the Crabbet show. What hospitable hosts the Australians are!

In April 2007 Anne attended the WAHO (World Arab Horse Organisation) Conference in Damascus, Syria - homeland of the ancestors of many of our current Crabbet horses!

The 2009 WAHO Conference in Oman was equally exciting. Mighty fortresses, turtles nesting under the full moon, dancing in the desert by firelight and dune bashing in a 4x4 through the Wahiba Sands, lunching on Sultan Qaboos's yacht, spine-jarring trips through the mountains, and so much more. Dozens of photos will be placed under a link here very soon.

In 2011 and 2014, Anne attended the WAHO Conventions in Qatar generously hosted by the Al Thani family with visits to Qatar’s world famous studs (including Umm Qarn, Al Shahania, Al Nasser and Al Shaqab), race meetings for Arabian horses and for camels (no, not against each other!), a camel breeding farm and hospital, a harbour cruise to view the skyline of gleaming sky-scrapers and a magic carpet dune bash in the desert ( actually in 4 x 4s) Click HERE for Anne’s report


Travel reports

As a journalist, Anne has been asked to report on many of her overseas trips for the national press, some of which are included below, as well as to provide features on general horse topics.


Crabbet Convention Stud Tour, 2013, Part 2

This article appeared in in Crabbet Journal, Winter 2013
(for Part 1, by Betty Finke, click HERE)


WAHO Oman 2009

The Sultanate of Oman invited WAHO delegates and guests to Muscat and to tour this incredible country


Syria 2007 (photo left)

Anne attended the WAHO Conference in Damascus in April 2007 and toured Syria and the Bedouin horse-breeding tribes in the desert, who provided the ancestors of the horses bred at Gadebrook today


World Crabbet Convention in Australia 2005

In 2005 Anne attended the World Crabbet Convention and Show in Toowoomba, Queensland - what a hospitable bunch the Australians are!


Crabbet Convention Australia 2005

A second article about Anne's visit to Toowoomba, Australia


Stud tours in Australia 2005

Anne's visits to Crabbet studs in Australia before and after the World Crabbet Convention.


UK Crabbet Championships 2009 report - Australia

The article appears in Australia's Arabian Horse magazine


UK Crabbet Championships 2009 report - UK

The article appeared in the UK Crabbet Journal


UK Crabbet Show 2007 report

The article appeared in the Crabbet Journal


UK Crabbet Show 2006 report

The article appeared in the Crabbet Journal


WAHO Winners across the world 2005

The article appeared in the Arab Horse Society News