Gadebrook Blade


Gadebrook Blade fulfils our Boomerang Plan, with more fresh pure Crabbet genes from the amazing pool in Australia. Blade combines the power and movement of his impressive sire, MillPark Blaidd with the friendliness and easy-going temperament of his dam, Palma Benay (imp to Gadebrook 2007).


Blade is the first progeny of Blaidd in the UK, the result of AI at West Kington Stud with imported frozen semen from Blaidd’s owner, Shirley Douglas Grieg.

left and below: Blade with mum, Palma Benay

Gadebrook is proud to have been chosen by Shirley to represent Blaidd in the UK and Europe, so we are especially pleased that this first colt is so promising. Click HERE for clip of him – a little overweight – as a two-year old in his paddock at Gadebrook in August 2020.

Blade will be retained for stud duties at his new home in Sussex as well as following an Endurance career.

Super-friendly Gadebrook Blade at 11 months in his paddock

Blade at 6 months and Palma Benay in the Christmas mist at Gadebrook

Gadebrook Blade at 14 weeks with dam Palma Benay, October 2018

Anne met both Blade’s grandsire, Arfaja Harlan (on his sire’s side), and his great grand-sire Magic Prophecy (on his dam’s side) in Australia in 2005 and was mightily impressed with both. They carry the most respected Crabbet genes available with proven performance lines, free of SCID, LFS and CA.

Sarafire, Blade's great-grandsire in Australia

Blade's great-grandsire Magic Prophecy with Anne Maher in Australia (left)
& with owner Kevin Beaumount, Toowoomba 2005 (right)