This much-anticipated pure Crabbet colt, from maiden mare Azarina and Gadebrook's young Reserve Futurity Endurance champion Hadiya, represents the fourth generation of Gadebrook breeding.

His name derives partly from his sire and dam, but also from his grand-dam Pevensey Zariffia and her dam Za'aria - a proud tradition of Crabbet Arabians bred in Australia and now flourishing back in Britain a Gadebrook.

He was born on May Day 2020, three weeks overdue! With his very long legs, he will probably equal the height of his sire at 15.1hh. Currently he is bay but is likely to go grey.

He is the friendliest soul, eager to please, happy to lead and a joy to watch racing round the field.

He is destined for a future in endurance, which should suit his easy-going temperament and athletic heritage. His grand-sire is Binley Prince Salim, a champion in British Dressage, in Endurance GB and the Overall Champion in the Arab Horse Society's Performance Horse Awards in 2013, winning the Dinsdale Trophy.


"I am the latest pure Crabbet colt at Gadebrook"

At only a few day's old Hazar is already in bondage!

Azarina & day-old Crabbet colt Hazar by Hadiya at Gadebrook 2 May 2020

Hazar, Crabbet colt at 5 days, Gadebrook, 6 May 2020

Hazar at a few days old, with Azarina, in the 2020 spring sunshine at Gadebrook

Hazar's sire, the pure Crabbet Hadiya, winner of British Breeding's 3-year old Endurance
Futurity Championship, and awarded Gold in the 2019 Evaluations

AHS president Anne Brown presenting Hazar's grand-sire Binley Prince Salim and rider Susan Hawes
with the 2013 Performance Horse Awards Overall Championship at Malvern 2014