In May 2015, the long-awaited cross from Kaalif, the son of imported Crabbet mare Palma Benay, with imported mare Inshallah Signature produced the lively pure-Crabbet bay colt Shaarif with 3/4 Australian bloodlines and fresh genes for British breeders. SCID clear and LFS clear. Strong and bold with correct conformation and boundless energy! Shaarif is now gelded and ready to go to a new home.

Shaarif leads dam Inshallah Signature through the Gadebrook paddocks, summer 2015

Australian guests leading Australian horses - Tracy Stephens handling 4-month old Shaarif and Randall Temple with Inshallah Signature, at Gadbrook, August 2015

Astra and Randall Temple from Australia met Australian Crabbets Inshallah Signature her 4-month old colt Shaarif on their visit to Gadebrook in August 2015


Gadebrook's "Boomerang Plan" comes to fruition with the birth of bay colt foal Shaarif. His dam, Inshallah Signature, is from all-Australian Crabbet lines, imported in 2012.

His sire is Kaalif, the son of Palma Benay, also imported from Australia but from different early Crabbet lines. So Shaarif's genes, free of SCID and LFS, will give breeders a fresh pool for their mares with proven performance lines, and the rare bay colour.

Autumn 2015 and Shaarif models his rug


Shaarif at a week old - a look alike for his sire Kaalif

Gadebrook is very grateful to Australian breeders Larry and Marillyn O'Dea from Inshallah Arabians for allowing their beautiful prize-winning show mare Signature to come to England and to Leon Bennett of Pevensey Stud (now in New Zealand) for letting me have the exceptional brood mare Palma Benay whose first foal is the athletic Kaalif, successfully competed in Ridden Showing in 2015, now in Novice Endurance